At the Earth's Core. A perilous journey in a mechanical mole takes two intrepid explorers into the incredible world of Pellucidar...a fantastic realm of dinosaurs and ruthless savages living in the hollow core of the earth. There, David Innes must try to save Dian the Beautiful from the horrifying fate of the inhuman Mahar ritual.

Pellucidar: the thrilling sequel to At the Earth's Core.  Torn from the arms of Dian by trickery David Innes vows revenge, but returns to Pellucidar far from the land of his beloved and is forced to cross a dangerous, prehistoric world to reach her.

The Caspak Trilogy contains three of Burroughs' most imaginative novels of prehistoric life: The Land That Time Forgot, The People That Time Forgot and Out Of Time's Abyss. What is the secret behind the strange evolution of the beings that inhabit Caspak, the mysterious oasis of life buried deep in the Antarctic?

Cover and three interior illustrations by Ron Miller.

The Cave Girl. Shipwrecked on an unknown Pacific island, pampered millionair Waldo Smith-Jones wouldn't have survived a week if it hadn't been for the island's lone human inhabitant, the amazing Nadara. Burroughs had many strong, capable women in his novels, but few like the extraordinary Cave Girl.

Thuvia: Maid of Mars, one of the best in Burroughs' Barsoom series, centers around the perilous adventures of an intrepid Martian princess, Thuvia. Includes a glossary of Martian words and terms.

A Princess of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic novel of interplanetary adventure and romance in which a castaway from earth finds himself in a bizarre and dangerous alien world, where he must save Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars, from a fate worse than death. Originally published in 1912, it was Burroughs' first successful novel.

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FIREBRANDS: The Great Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Although Edgar Rice Burroughs is best-known for such classic supermen as Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, his books are also filled with strong, competent, intelligent and capable women...women who are just as likely to be rescuing the hero as being rescued themselves. These books offer a sampling of some of Burroughs' most outstanding heroines...

All feature covers and frontispiece illustrations by Ron Miller.


Beyond Thirty. Lt. Jefferson Turck has been marooned in the barbaric wasteland that had been England before it had been devastated in the Great War of two hundred years earlier. His only hope for survival are the skills, courage and strength of Victory, the last Queen of Great Britain. (Original book title: The Lost Continent.)