The Moon Colony features not one but three extraordinary women.





  The Moon Conquerors.
Originally published in 1930,
R.H. Romans' novel features
one of the great early SF
heroines. The indominatable,
beautiful genius Dorothy
Brewster is the driving force
behind mankind's first trip to
the moon. Accompanied by the
original illustrations by Frank
R. Paul.



In J.F. Bones' The Lani People courageous Copper must risk everything in order to prove that her enslaved people are truly human.

Maza of the Moon. The moon declares war on earth in this classic 1929 pulp adventure by Otis Adelbert Kline. Only a lone Earthman and a beautiful barbarian queen can save both planets.




A Voyage to Arcturus
. David
Lindsay's classic 1920 novel
has been acclaimed as the
greatest underground novel of
the 20th century.





Address: Centauri features two of the most extraordinary heroines in all SF. Nona, deaf, mute and possessed of an unearthly intelligence, and Anti, so bizarrely obese she must live in a vat of acid in order to stem the flesh that grows out of control. Outcasts on an asteroid where Earth has banished such unwanted anomalies, they plan a daring escape to the stars.