Heroines from history and legend.

  Helen of Troy. Translated from
the original Greek and retold in
the form of modern English
verse by Andrew Lang.
Originally published in 1897.

Joan of Arc. Although not, of
course, a fantasy heroine by
any definition, Joan has
nevertheless been the model
for countless authors whose
novels and stories have
featured strong warrior women.
Fully illustrated.

Coming soon.



Lady Godiva and Master Tom, by Raoul C. Faure, is an imaginative novelization of the life and career of the notorious Lady Godiva. Illustrated.

The Life and Legend of Pocahontas. Based on the 19th century works by Charles Dudley Wagner, the true story of America's first heroine is separated from the myth and legend.
Profusely illustrated.




Salome , a play in one act by
Oscar Wilde. This edition includes the remarkable illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley, including those expurgated from the original edition.





Cleopatra. H. Rider Haggard's dramatic retelling of the life of the last Egyptian pharoah. Illustrated.