Lady Into Fox. David Garnett's classic fantasy about a beautiful woman who gradually turns into a vixen...and the effect this has on her doting husband. The author's straight-forward, matter-of-fact style makes fantasy seem an everyday occurance and highlights the poignancy of the characters' situation. First published in 1922.

Saddle-stiched booklet.


The Flying Legion was one of the most popular books by one of the most popular adventure/science fiction authors of the time. A story about a bored genius who conceives a daring plan to raid the treasure-vaults of Mecca. The Flying Legion was surely one of the inspirations for the Doc Savage series. The story features "Captain Alden", one of the most extraordinary heroines in all adventure literature.

Out of the Silence. The classic lost race novel by Erle Cox. What catastrophe have a pair of amateur archeologists unleashed upon the world when they inadvertantly revive Earani, the survivor of an ancient race of superbeings?

The complete Interplanetary Hunter stories, by Arthur K. Barnes. Although women characters played a prominent role in early science fiction, Gerry Carlyle was the first to star in a popular series that ran for nearly a decade in the pages of Thrilling Wonder Stories. This volume collects all seven stories along with a Field Guide to many of the strange creatures Gerry gathered for the London Interplanetary Zoo. Illustrated.

The Island of Captain Sparrow. A stranded sailor is pitted against the strange wonders of a deserted island inhabited by the nearly inhuman decendents of a pirate crew as well as strange creatures from the mythology of the ancient Greeks---from satyrs to a mysterious Dryad...who speaks fluent French!


The Diamond Lens. Fitz-James O'Brien's little classic (less than 40 pages) is one of the earliest American science fiction stories. It tells of a scientist fatally obsessed with his research and his discovery of a microscopic dryad named Animula. Originally published in 1858.

Saddle-stitched booklet.