Green Mansions. When Abel, a stranger from Europe, visits the deep Amazonian jungle, he discovers Rima, the mysterious "Bird Girl". Green Mansions evokes in its description of the rainforest and its denizens---and the mysterious girl who seems to embody its spirit. Originally published in 1904.


. Herman Melville's first novel is a study of primal innocence as a deserter from a whaling ship finds himself in Polynesian Eden with the beautiful island princess, Fayaway. But while her people may live in innocence, they are still ferocious cannibals...



A Thousand and One Nights. Scheherazade was the greatest storyteller of all time...her life depended on it! The classic Andrew Lang collection, The Arabian Nights Entertainments. 




In Pierre Mael's 1898 Under the Sea to the North Pole, heroic Isabelle de Keralio is one of the leaders of an expedition to the North Pole. After facing freezing, starvation and fierce polar bears, she finally discovers the bizarre secret that lies at the Pole. Originally published in French in 1893 as "A French Woman at the North Pole". Includes the original illustrations.

Cleopatra H. Rider Haggard's classic 1889 retelling of the story of Cleopatra in all his inimitable brand of adventure, romance and intrigue. Includes the original illustrations by Caton Woodville and Maurice Greiffenhagen.  




She. Classic adventure by H. Rider Haggard. The timeless story of Ayesha, the timeless woman...She Who Must Be Obeyed.





  Ayesha. Sixteen years
after the events related in
She , H. Rider Haggard
continues the epic saga of
the immortal beauty,




She and Allan. In this prequel to She Haggard unites two of his greatest characters: Ayesha and Allan Quatermain.