Eve's Diary. Written shortly
after the death of his beloved
wife, this little book is one of
Mark Twain's greatest one and the same time one of his funniest, gentlest and most romantic
tales...and one of the greatest love stories ever written.
Includes the original



While Eudena is not the
central character of
Stories of the Stone Age , a short 1897 novel by H.G. Wells, she is nevertheless a strong, heroic, self-sufficient woman who holds her own with her mate, Ugh-Lomi, the caveman hero. Includes the original



The Future Eve
. Villiers de
L'Isle-Adam's classic novel of
the creation of an artificial
woman is one of the earliest
science-based descriptions of a robot in SF literature. This
edition is based on the 1926
adaptation by Florence
Crewe-Jones and contains the
original illustrations.

The Moon-Maker . An
atomic-powered spaceship on a
mission to divert an asteroid
from an impending collision
with earth might sound like an
up-to-date SF scenario...unless
the book was written in 1916!
Discoverer of the asteroid and
passenger on the dangerous
space mission is beautiful
Rhoda Gibbs, an extraordinary
woman 50 years ahead of her
time. Includes the prequel, The
Man Who Rocked the Earth.


 Thea von Harbou based
on her screenplay
for the classic science fiction
film directed by her husband,
Fritz Lang. It's the story of a
revolt against the despotic
ruler of a fabulous city of the
future and the terrible revenge
he enacts against Maria, the
leader of the revolution.



The Bird of Time
. Wallace
West's little-known classic
about the first contact between
people from Earth and an
ancient race of feathered
Martian humanoids...a race
that wants nothing to do with
Earth or its inhabitants. Illustrated by Virgil Finlay.