The Lair of the White Worm. Bram Stoker's little-known classic of supernatural horror features the incomparable Lady Arabella March...who is certainly not all that she seems to be! Illustrated.
The Legend of Croquemitaine. Ernest L'Epine weaves an epic, satirical fantasy around the exploits of Emperor Charlemagne and his knights in their war against the Saracens. Most especially it is about the fearless warrior maiden, Mitaine, who becomes the page of the famed Roland after she conquers the incredible Fortress of Fear. Included are more than 170 illustrations by Gustave Dore.
Planet of Peril is a science-fiction adventure in the best tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Set on a world of semi-barbaric nations, ferocious beasts, gigantic reptiles, our hero finds himself enslaved by the beautiful but formidable and cruel Princess Vernia!
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