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Velda is the story of detective Velda Bellinghausen and how she became embroiled in the strangest and most dangerous case of her career. An ex-stripper working in a noir New York of the early 50s, Velda finds that not only is her new career on the line, but the life of a troubled teenage girl as well. "The operative word here is hubba-hubba!"Kevin Burton Smith, Thrilling Detective Website
In Thirteen Steps to Velda is a baker's dozen of some of detective Velda Bellinghausen's greatest cases. From murdered magicians to killer clowns, from Margate, New Jersey to Hollywood, California, the slinky sleuth faces endless danger, adventure and say nothing of an occasional fee.
Pathetic Selections is a collection of grim Victorian verse dealing with disease, dying, death and mutilation. Ranging from the disturbing "The Doll's Funeral" to "Good-bye, Old Arm" and "Measuring the Baby", these poems are tailor-made for reading at the next shower or hospital visit.Introduction by Sommer Browning, illustrations by Mahendra Singh.

Someone is killing off the members of an exclusive women's club. In order to trap the murderer Velda discovers that he has to Get Knotty.

Finding himself on the run from the law after King Kong nearly wrecks NY, entrepreneur Carl Denham finds himself running guns to a Central American banana republic in the company of a mysterious beauty named "Patricia Wildman." They are eventually caught up in international machinations that take them first to Shanghai, then Manchuria and, finally, on a Japanese-led expedition to conquer Skull Island.

A collection of short stories running the gamut from fantasy and horror to mystery and science fiction. An esteemed sportsman likes to collect the heads of were-animals, an astonishing discovery is made on Mars, a secret cult builds their own god, a nice little old lady likes cats too much, a scientist discovers his best friend is a moon and a future society invents a novel way of executing criminals among other surprises, all to say nothing of the terrible secrets of Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper and the end of the world.