War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells, including Wells' prequel, "The Crystal Egg" and his non-fiction essay, "The Things That Live On Mars". Includes the original illustrations by Alvim Correa and W.R. Leigh.

Edison's Conquest of Mars. The astonishing 1898 sequel to War of the Worlds by pioneering SF author Garrett P. Serviss, this was probably the grandfather of all space operas. Includes the original illustrations. Also available as an Apogee paperback.




A Columbus of Space. One of the earliest science fiction novels to feature an atomic-powered spacecraft, Garrett Serviss' 1894 classic describes a thrilling trip to Venus, where his astronauts face both danger and romance. With the original illustrations and an afterword by Rob Godwin.



Adrift in the Stratosphere. A 1937 space adventure written for young people by Prof. A.M. Low, president of the British Interplanetary Society. The occupants of a spaceship launched from a stratosphere balloon discover a hostile civilization. Includes the original illustrations.

Rocket Riders Across the Ice, Rocket Riders In Stormy Seas and Rocket Riders in the Air. Among the few young adult novels written by Howard R. Garis under his own name, the Rocket Rider series introduced thousands of readers to the concept of rocket-propelled vehicles---in spite of the fact that Garis' explanation of how rockets work was consistently wrong!

Coming soon: Rocket Riders in the Desert.