Bradamant: The Iron Tempest takes place in the 8th century Europe of myth, magic and monsters. Based on a character in Ludovico Ariosto's epic poem, Orlando Furioso, it's the story of a female knight in the service of Charlemagne and her perilous search for her forbidden lover. The 6x9-inch paperback book features front and back cover paintings by theauthor as well as interior art by the author and Gustave Dore.

 "Ron is unfairly talented. I expect he'll get fed up with being called the new James Branch Cabell."
--Sir Arthur C. Clarke

"Bradamant has all the adventure and romance of the great tales of Arthur, Roland and Parsifal, illuminated by the wry sensibilities of Terry Pratchett and Monty Python. And Ron Miller displays a command of the language most novelists would die for. A must-read for lovers of fantasy and its age-old roots."
--Lillian Stewart Carl, author of Wings of Power, Garden of Thorns and Along the Rim of Time.

 "A grand story, expertly written."
--George Zebrowski, John W. Campbell Award winner for Brute Orbits

 "Bradamant is the definitive female butt-kicker and Ron Miller does a dynamite job of novelizing her adventures . . . Highly recommended."
--Mark Rogers, creator of Samurai Cat and author of Zorachu and The Dead

She is beautiful, lithe and swift: deadly as the blade flashing in her deft grip. The blood of kings runs strongly in her veins, but her weakling brother wears the crown---and a ruthless maniac is his puppetmaster. To save her kingdom, Bronwyn must enlist a rebel force of gypsies, giants, peasants, pirates and changelings...
The Bronwyn tetralogy: Palaces & Prisons, Silk & Steel, Hearts & Armor and Mermaids & Meteors. Captain Judikah is the first volume in a new series that takes place in the Bronwyn universe.

"A vivid and exceptional fantasy world." --Allan Steele, author of Orbital Decay and Coyote

 "The tale as a whole is one that Robert Jordan might well have told at five times the length and with only one fifth of the wit and fun." --John Grant

Velda is the story of detective Velda Bellinghausen and how she became embroiled in the strangest and most dangerous case of her career. An ex-stripper working in a noir New York of the early 50s, Velda finds that not only is her new career on the line, but the life of a troubled teenage girl as well.
"The operative word here is hubba-hubba!"
Kevin Burton Smith, Thrilling Detective Website

In Thirteen Steps to Velda is a baker's dozen of some of detective Velda Bellinghausen's greatest cases. From murdered magicians to killer clowns, from Margate, New Jersey to Hollywood, California, the slinky sleuth faces endless danger, adventure and say nothing of an occasional fee.

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