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Science Fiction and Fantasy Classics

 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This special edition of Jules Verne's classic novel corrects more than 3000 errors in the original 1872 English translation and replaces the 23% of the text that had been expurgated by the original translator for political, ideological and other reasons. In addition, there are nearly two dozen illustrations created especially for this edition by Ron Miller, cutaway views and schematics of the Nautilus, maps, details of Verne's diving suits and many other special features.   

A Journey to the Center of the Earth. A special edition of Jules Verne's masterpiece, edited, expanded, corrected and illustrated by Ron Miller, with a text newly translated from the original French.. In addition to more than 200 notes that introduce the reader to Verne's science and world, there are numerous full-page illustrations, special chapter heads and maps.

The science that most excited Jules Verne was geography and in most of his 60+ novels he succeeded in sending his heroes to literally every corner of the earth---as well as beneath the seas and to the moon. Extraordinary Voyages is a 160-page atlas of these voyages. Nearly 150 detailed maps, diagrams and schematics outline every journey described in Verne's novels, as well as inventions (including a two-page cutaway view of the Nautilus), ships and flying machines. Foreword by Forrest J Ackerman.

 The Moon-Maker. An atomic-powered spaceship on a mission to divert an asteroid from an impending collision with earth might sound like an up-to-date SF scenario...unless the book was written in 1916! This nearly forgotten little classic contains one of the most accurate depictions of space travel ever written---in addition to being funny, suspenseful, exciting and as readable now as it was 90 years ago!  This the first reprinting of The Moon-Maker in half a century.

The Diamond Lens. Fitz-James O'Brien's little classic (less than 40 pages)  is one of the earliest American science fiction stories. It tells of a scientist so obsessed with his research that he stops at nothing---deception, theft and even murder---to achieve his ends. He ultimately succeeds, but at a price even he never anticipated.

Originally published in 1858.

Green Mansions. When Abel, a stranger from Europe, visits the deep Amazonian jungle, he discovers Rima, the mysterious "Bird Girl". W.H. Hudson's novel is justly famed for the poetic, mystical and other-worldly feelings it evokes in its description of the rainforest and its denizens---and the mysterious girl who seems to embody its spirit.

Originally published in 1904.

The Picture of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde's only novel is an exercise in symbolic biography in its story of a man who remains young and handsome while he commits every degradation imaginable...all the while the portrait hidden in his attic reflects his every sin. With 16 illustrations by Ron Miller.