Space Art Catalog

RON MILLER is an award-winning illustrator/author specializing in science and astronomy. His more than 40 books have won numerous awards and commendations, including the Hugo Award and the American Institute of Physics Award of Excellence. The Grand  Tour, described by The Planetary Society as a "beloved classic", is in its third edition and has nearly a quarter million copies in print. Among his many other books about space and astronomy is Worlds Beyond, an 11-book series for young adults. Magazines that have regularly featured his art include Scientific American, GEO, Natural History, Sky & Telescope and Astronomy.

Miller's astronomical illustrations are among the best in the world, combining fine art with meticulously accurate, up-to-date science. Many of the illustrations in this collection have, in fact, been checked by astronomical experts, some of whom advised on their creation.

The works included in this catalog are all available as high-resolution digital images. All are 350 dpi RGB images. They can be sent electronically as compressed JPEGs or as full-resolution TIFF files on CDs. 

Reproduction fees depend upon usage, and specially-commissioned artwork is always available. Please contact the artist directly with concerns regarding re-use or new commissions and please include the identification number of each picture with your request.


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