EW-1 Nearby supernova

EW-2 Collision with another planet

EW-3 Meteor impacts

EW-4 Solar flare 1

EW-5 Solar flare 2

EW-6 Asteroid impact

EW-7 Earth's orbit changes and it freezes

EW-8 Sun becomes a red giant

EW-9 Earth's oceans dry up as the sun enlarges

EW-10 The earth encounters a black hole

EW-11 Asteroid impact

EW-12 Close approach of "Planet X" ("Niburu")

EW-13 Gamma ray burst

EW-14 Incoming asteroids

EW-15 The collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda (seen from the earth, which has been ejected from its galaxy)

EW-16 Drowned Miami

EW-17 Deflecting an asteroid

EW-18 Nuclear war

EW-19 Earth's oceans dry up as sun grows larger

EW-20 The sun as a white dwarf, seen from earth

EW-21 Red giant sun seen from Pluto

EW-24 Red giant sun seen from Europa
EW-22 Sun throwing off planetary nebula, seen from a Kuiper Belt Object
EW-23 Red giant sun
EW-25 Red giant sun (and a Mayan stele)
EW-26 Tokyo earthquake
EW-27 A and B  Mt. Rushmore buried in ash
EW-28 Asteroid heading for earth (symbolic image)
EW-29 A, B, C, D, E Statue of Liberty inundated series
EW-30 Paris pummeled by meteors
EW-31 London drowned