This is the complete story of my most famous case, as told by a really great writer. It's all about this teenage girl who gets charged with a brutal murder. She remembers committing it and witnesses saw her do it . . . so trying to prove her innocence isn't easy. It's a job that takes me from seedy pinup studios in New York to the swamps of the Florida Keys!

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A baker's dozen of my best cases! From murdered magicians to killer clowns, from Margate, NJ to Hollywood, California...excitement, thrill, adventures and occasionally even a fee! To be published soon.

A mad killer is stalking the women of Greenwich Village and the police are baffled! Who can stop this reign of terror? Only that selfless crusader in the cause of justice, that nemesis of evil, that valkyrie of vengeance! VELDA: GIRL DETECTIVE!
To be published soon.


Six thrilling new cases that take
me from a farmyard to a locked room!
To be published soon.