"A Field Guide to Crow's Nest" takes you on an incredible journey to a land that time has forgotten. Hal Wiggins has worked for over 13 years to document, study, advocate and protect over 1800 acres of a unique peninsula in Stafford County, Virginia that is surrounded by a freshwater, tidal estuary. This is a history of Crow's Nest, from its beginnings millions of years in the past, through Colonial America, the Civil War and the efforts to save it today.



A comprehensive guide to the native plants of Virginia, profusely illustrated in color with photographs by the author.





A new trend is developing nationally as people, organizations, and governments partnership to bring down unneeded dams and promote fish and recreational needs of people. A Tale of Two Dams by Hal Wiggins chronicles the planning, advocacy and demise of two dams, the Salem Church Dam and the Embrey Dam. The book provides a history of dam building on Virginia's Rappahannock River all the way from Indian times to the present. The book documents the important biological and cultural features on the Rappahannock River along with scores of color pictures of the Embrey Dam removal process.



A biography of the circus elephant that added the word "Jumbo" to the English language. Written by Matthew Scott, Jumbo's keeper, trainer and friend. Illustrated.