Nine Mermaids. Nine tales and poems about the most seductive of sea creatures: the mermaid and her kin, the selkie, water nymph, nixie and undine. Cover and eight full-page illustrations by Ron Miller.





22 Goddesses. A companion volume to Nine Mermaids, these stories of 22 goddesses and heroines have been extracted from Bulfinch's Mythology, profusely illustrated by Ron Miller.





Lentala of the South Seas . In this homage to H. Rider
Haggard, author W.C. Morrow sets his adventure in the remote islands of Oceania, where a mysterious lost race is discovered, ruled by the
beautiful barbarian queen,
Lentala. Originally published in 1908.

 Fugitive Anne. After
deliberately losing herself in the
Australian outback, Anne Bedo
is made the Amazonian queen
of a lost colony of Atlantean
Mayans in this classic novel of
feminist high adventure by
Rosa Praed. Originally
published in 1904.
Includes the original



Dian of the Lost Land. Dian
is the queen of a lost
civilization buried deep within
the wastes of Antarctica in this
science fiction classic by
Edison Marshall.




 The Blue Pagoda , a
masterpiece of modern
fantasy by the legendary
author, poet and artist Hannes
Bok that has not been
reprinted since its original
publication nearly 60 years
ago. Includes the original
interior illustrations by the
author. The novel was meant
to be a sequel to A. Merritt's
unfinished Fox Woman, but it
can be read independently.