The Girl in the Golden Atom. Ray Cummings' 1923 fantasy classic about a man who discovers a new universe hidden in single atom of gold...and the golden woman he finds there.




The Blue Lagoon Omnibus.
Henry DeVere Stacpoole's classic trilogy of innocence, love, adventure and discovery in the lost Edens of the South Seas. Also includes "The Three Laws and the Golden Rule" by Morgan Robertson, which may have been one of Stacpoole's inspirations. Numerous illustrations by Ron Miller. 



The Sea Lady. A nearly unknown satiric fantasy by H.G. Wells. Originally published in 1902, it tells the story of the turmoil created in a working-class British home by the unexpected appearance of a mermaid as house-guest. Includes the original illustrations.

 The Coming Race , an instant
best-seller when it appeared in
1871, tells of a race of
super-scientific super-beings
living deep beneath the surface
of the Earth. And the beautiful
Zee is a super-woman among
these super-beings...beings
destined to conquer the upper
world. A science fiction classic
from Edward Bulwer-Lytton, the
author of The Last Days of


The Life and Adventures of
Peter Wilkins
. Richard
Paltock's 1751 masterpiece
about an underground race of
winged, flying
humans---including the
beautiful, courageous
Youwarkee---has been
compared to Robinson Crusoe
Gulliver's Travels as one of
the great fantasy adventuers of
all time. Includes the original


The Beetle
. Published in the
same year as Dracula ,
Richard Marsh's little-known
occult thriller tells the
blood-curdling story of a
supernatural, shape-changing
creature that takes the form of
a mysterious, beautiful
woman in order to enact her
terrible vengeance on
Mankind... Includes the original i