Drowsy. Did the hero of this 1917 novel by the founder of the legendary Life humor magazine make a trip to the moon or not? Includes the extraordinary illustrations by Angus MacDonall.




The First Men in the Moon. H.G. Wells' classic novel about a daring flight to the moon, the discovery of an alien civilization...and the mystery---and perhaps tragedy---that resulted. Also available in paperback from Apogee Books.



The Brick Moon.While written with tongue in cheek, this short novel from 1869 contains the first-ever description of an artificial earth satellite. It also describes the potential benefits of such a satellite for navigation, communication, weather observation, etc. Includes "On Vesta" by K.E. Tsiolkovsky.

Mass market paperback.

Through Space to Mars and Lost on the Moon. The first books in the popular Great Marvel Series by "Roy Rockwood" (Howard R. Garis) to deal with space travel. Originally published in 1910 and 1911, they are among the earliest books about space travel intended for young adult readers.

The World Peril of 1910. George Griffith's epic novel of a future war spurred by the impending destruction of the earth by a giant comet!

Also available in paperback from Apogee Books.



A Honeymoon in Space.
George Griffith's charming, classic 1900 adventure through the solar system. Includes the original Stanley L. Wood illustrations.